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    Fighting Climate Change Is Good for California's Economy

    By Steve Westly and Fred Keeley The California State Senate recently passed a sweeping legislative package to bolster California's fight against climate change. This came on the heels of Governor Jerry Brown signing an historic agreement with leaders from 11 states and provinces around the world to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and issuing an executive order committing California to the most aggressive emissions-reduction targets in the nation. While some have applauded the Governor and legislature's leadership on addressing climate change, others quickly labeled the efforts as job-killers. They could not be more wrong. 
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    California’s old political machine losing steam

    BY JOHN DIAZ A quiet revolution is occurring in California politics. Centrist Democrat Steve Glazer’s victory over more doctrinaire Democrat Susan Bonilla in a special election for a state Senate seat in the East Bay is just the latest, and perhaps most profound, evidence that public-employee unions are losing their control over the California Legislature.
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